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As one of the best carpet cleaning service Tampa Fl has known, we often receive inquiries regarding various carpet cleaning methods. Most people are familiar with steam cleaning. But, professional carpet cleaners use various techniques that each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

This post will review five popular techniques used by these professional cleaners. Your cleaner may recommend specific methods for you, and this post will outline their suggestions and what can be expected from each cleaning method.

You as a consumer, with greater knowledge, will be a happier consumer. You end up getting what you want and saving money.Continue reading to discover how you can become one!

Why Are There So Many Techniques Used by Carpet Cleaning Service Tampa Fl? 

Different textile materials require various cleaning approaches. Professional carpet cleaning services have long been used as an effective means to keep carpets looking their best.

Here are the primary methods used by experts in carpet cleaning: 

  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)
  • Absorbent Compound (“Dry Cleaning”)
  • Bonnet Cleaning 
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Encapsulation

Hot Water Extraction 

Hot Water Extraction, also referred to as steam cleaning, is one of the most widely-utilized professional carpet cleaning methods, employing hot water under high pressure to penetrate carpet fibers and effectively eliminate dirt and bacteria build-up.

Vacuuming is used to extract hot water, earning this process the technical term of “hot water removal.”

Cleaning begins by applying a cleaning solution to the area where stubborn dirt and dust are evident. Then, the solution is spread out with a brush for better coverage and for breaking up dirt accumulation. After this step, hot water extraction is finally used for effective soil removal.

Steam cleaning typically takes around an hour in a typical home, plus an extra half-hour to dry the carpets afterward. Commercial properties and offices may take longer. Commercial cleaning should usually be scheduled later in the afternoon to allow carpets enough time to dry before proceeding with commercial cleaning services.

However, in more extreme instances a few wet hours on the carpet is simply not an option.

Carpet Cleaning Service Tampa

Absorbent Compound

Dry carpet cleaning, known as absorbent compound cleaning, utilizes an absorbent compound which binds dirt and other substances from your carpet for easy extraction.

Mechanical brushes can be used to disperse absorbent compounds and disrupt dirty fibers, giving time for them to work their magic on carpet fibers before being vacuumed up with an industrial-strength dry vacuum.

This method is ideal for those who desire an effective cleaning, without submerging their carpets in moisture.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning stands apart from conventional carpet cleaning in that its primary focus lies with cleaning the surface of the carpet.

The “Bonnet Machine” features a spinning cleaning pad to efficiently polish carpets while simultaneously extracting dirt.

Hotels and other businesses looking to upgrade their appearance often turn to carpet cleaning service Tampa Fl that employs bonnet cleaning – the fastest carpet cleaning method – for help in renewing their carpet’s appearance. Bonnet cleaning can truly make an impactful difference in its appearance.

Bonnet cleaning should only be seen as a short-term solution, however. Any dirt in the lower layers will eventually surface, meaning your carpet needs retreated more frequently than with deep cleaning. Bonnet cleaning may also leave behind a chemical residue.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing, one of the oldest carpet cleaning methods still used today, utilizes liquid detergent solutions to deep-clean a carpet’s fibers.

Long before its invention, this was the go-to solution for heavy-duty carpet cleaning. Since its introduction, technology has since altered this approach.

Carpet shampooing today involves applying a foaming agent directly onto the carpet surface and then working it in with a brushing machine, followed by wet vacuuming to extract both “shampoo” and any dirt attached.

Carpet needs time to dry before being vacuumed dry – this step should take between 1 – 4 hours for complete drying. Finally, the next step comes dry vacuuming.


Encapsulation cleaning may sound complex and expensive – and it certainly is! It involves brushing synthetic foam detergents onto carpet fibers until their foam dissolves into powder form and encases soil in its crystalized state before being vacuumed away with ease.

The encapsulation has quickly become a preferred alternative to carpet shampooing due to its lesser messiness, reduced water usage and quicker drying times.

An encapsulation cleaning may not always be the optimal choice. Most carpet cleaners do not employ this method when treating heavily soiled carpets as it simply is not as effective; experience and education are necessary in recognizing what would be the most suitable approach to take.

Summing Up

Professional carpet cleaning service Tampa Fl area go beyond just carpet cleaning. Companies, like DirtBusters, also address rugs, furniture and household textiles that need attention. Tile floors, leather or air ducts also all present different issues which must be handled carefully when cleaning them. 

As service industry professionals, it is our duty to inform and empower our clients. Understanding our job entails answering your questions. As knowledgeable cleaning service providers, we find it beneficial to explain why certain methods would work better with your textile. If your carpet cleaner cannot clearly explain their recommendations, consider other possible choices.

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