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Revitalize Your Space: Discover the DirtBusters Advantage With Our Best Upholstery Cleaning in Largo, FL

DirtBusters of Largo provides unsurpassed upholstery cleaning. Since 1994, this family-owned business has provided unmatched dedication and commitment to Florida residents, becoming industry leaders when it comes to reliability and quality when cleaning homes or businesses. DirtBusters specializes in tile/grout cleaning as well as carpet, upholstery and other cleaning services.

Experience the DistBusters Advantage with Our High-Quality Upholstery Cleaning Services for Every Environment

Residential Carpet and Upholstery

DirtBusters upholstery cleaning goes beyond simply being a service – it’s also about prolonging and restoring the beauty of furniture. Upholstery covers many pieces in your home and can become stained from dust mites, allergens, or spilled food; 

DirtBusters utilizes eco-friendly tools to make sure that your upholstery stays looking its best!

Our Services

Enjoy Better and Cleaner Upholstery with The Best — DirtBusters

DirtBusters Upholstery Cleaners can offer many advantages to those choosing us to clean their upholstery. Not only will we improve its appearance and create a healthier atmosphere by eliminating bacteria and allergens which cause discomfort, but regular upholstery cleaning will keep it in great shape, saving money by deferring replacement costs.

Go For the DirtBusters Monthly Upholstery Cleaning Service

Commercial Services
Why go for the DirtBusters monthly upholstery cleaning in Largo, Fl? Our upholstery cleaning service for both residential and commercial clients is designed to preserve both its appearance and durability, keeping your space looking inviting for years. Here's why:
Keep and Upkeep Your Space

Consistent cleanings at home are crucial in creating an inviting space for friends, customers, and yourself. You can ensure your space remains in top condition by scheduling regular deep cleaning visits - this will leave a great first impression with anyone entering!

Maintain Cleanliness, Promote Health

Deep cleaning is essential to creating an ideal working and living environment, both for employees and residents in commercial buildings. By eliminating dust, dirt and pollutants that pollute all environments, deep cleaning fosters physical wellbeing and cleanliness for everyone involved.

Extend the Life of Your Upholstery

Routine cleaning helps extend the durability of materials by preventing dirt and stains from building up on surfaces and fabrics, saving both money and time in future replacement or restoration efforts. Regularly cleaning furniture, carpets and other materials helps prolong their lifespan by preventing wear-and-tear; saving both money and effort with replacement efforts in the future.

Make a Long Term Investment

Regular upholstery and surface cleaning can save money over time. By reducing maintenance and repair expenses in the future, these resources can then be directed toward other productive uses.Plus, it also contributes to your customers’ and visitors’ good impression and satisfaction!

Cleaning your space regularly will not only enhance its aesthetics and hygiene, but can also make it healthier and cost-effective. By prioritizing regular cleaning sessions you can reap all of these advantages for years.

Choose DirtBusters, Choose Excellence

DirtBusters are the go-to upholstery cleaners in Largo, Fl. Our name not only symbolizes who we are but also what sets us apart. So what makes our customers keep coming back to us and what makes us unique? DirtBusters stands apart from traditional cleaning companies because we strive to set new standards of excellence within the industry. Here's why:
Our Years of Experience and Innovation

With more than 15 years in business, our family-run company brings unparalleled expertise to each job we undertake. Over time, our experts have developed their skills further, guaranteeing outstanding service and results for each one of our clients.

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Services Tailored to Meet Varying Needs

At DirtBusters, our commitment to excellence extends to our comprehensive cleaning services. We pride ourselves on going beyond ordinary standards of care by offering customized solutions tailored to each unique need – from deep carpet cleaning to upholstery care – we cover it all meticulously.

Our Eco-Friendly Practices

At DirtBusters, we take great pride in using environmentally friendly cleaning products. These solutions are safe for both you and the planet without compromising their effectiveness. These solutions and practices are also not harsh on your upholstery ensuring longevity. 

Our Customer-Centric Approach

At DirtBusters, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We aim to exceed your expectations at every turn and deliver outstanding service each and every time – our loyal customers trust us implicitly to do just that!

Experience Our Versatile Upholstery Cleaning Specialty

No matter if you are a home or business owner, our versatile upholstery cleaning service is tailored to meet the individual needs of each of our customers. From bustling offices to cozy apartments, our experienced team has what it takes to take care in cleaning every aspect with precision and efficiency.


DirtBusters will deliver an extraordinary cleaning experience that exceeds all expectations. Through our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we’re here to transform your space into an inviting environment you’ll adore.

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Want a beautiful space with vibrant upholstery? DirtBusters provides more than just upholstery cleaning in Largo, Fl- we take care of all your cleaning requirements with expert service that makes your home or office shine! Call us now to experience how professional cleaning makes a difference when it comes to maintaining a healthy and presentable environment!
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